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New Service: CRISPR cloning and design service- From Design to Flies: Promotional price $995.00

We provide genome editing services using cas9 expressing lines. The editing type includes target gene disruption, reporter Knock-in and tag Knock-in. We have dsRed, EGFP and white marker for visual screening. The services include designing and cloning guide RNA targets and recombination arms into donor vectors, DNA preparation, injection and screening. The current turn-around time is about 10 to 12 weeks.

We are also optimizing a variety of other cas9 and donor marker vectors. Simply let us know the name of gene and/or genome sequence around the editing site and how you want it to be edited. We will propose the best strategy and deliver the marker-screened recombinant flies for you.

We provide promotional price $995 for you to try our new services!

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We know there are many things you look for micro-injection and transgenic fly services, which is why we pride ourselves in our experience and expertise.

  • Serving the Drosophlia research community since 2004
  • Consistent transformant rate
  • Best price for fly research community
  • Services done by experienced technicians
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Excellent feedback from our customers at top universities
  • Multiple Choices of lines for P-element-, PhiC31-, and CRISPR/Cas9-based injections
  • Multiple platforms for injection services
  • RFP/GFP/y+/w+ /v+ screenings
  • Thousands of constructs successfully injected and transformed

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  • Rainbow Transgenics always provides me with more transformants than I can work with! Moreover, I am amazed at Rainbow's transformant rates.

    Associate Professor William Ja, The Scripps Research InstituteThe Scripps Research Institute
  • Rainbow Transgenics’s service is fast, reliable and highly successful! I’d be very happy to recommend your injection service to my colleagues.

    Professor Ming Guo, UCLAUCLA
  • Thank you so much for your remarkable efficiency, we are all stunned here in Oxford!

    Dr. Anthony Brown, Oxford UniversityOxford University
  • I got LOTS of transformants and everything is going great! Thank you very much…I will not hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues!

    Graduate student, Erika Meyer, Princeton UniversityPrinceton University

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